Nudge & Boost for Better Living

Insights from the Behavioral Science called the Analysis of Behavior, are defined and illustrated so readers can understand and use them in everyday situations. Behavioral insights are being used by businesses and governments worldwide to change our behaviors in ways they desire. My book gives these tools to you to use as you wish, including for increasing your levels of personal wellbeing and success.

Nudges” get us to do things.

Boosts” give nudges their power, bring about learning, and motivate all of us.

Bob Crow
“You can use the tools called Nudge and Boost to build better living at home, work and play.”

- Robert Crow, author

*Avaliable in Paperback and eBook formats.

Nudge & Boost Book Cover

Insights From Behavioral Science You Can Use Everyday.

In this award-winning book, powerful behavioral concepts, including Nudging (prompting) and Boosts (reinforcement), are described in 10 chapters of engaging stories. Clear illustrations and familiar examples are used to describe behavior management strategies that have been used effectively in programs of education, business, leadership, and organizational development.

Characters in this book talk about life events and how findings from behavioral science can be used to understand and favorably alter our personal and social worlds. The closing chapter provides a clear summary of insights and how to make good use of them. The book concludes with an epilogue introducing behavior-logical solutions to social, educational, and political issues. Also indicated are roles computers might play for improving our lives.

After reading Nudge & Boost for Better Living, you will be able use behavioral insights to:

  • Be more successful at getting better learning and doing from yourself and others
  • Understand why people behave as they do, and how to do something about it
  • Deal positively with everyday behavioral challenges and build successes

Top Four Reasons This Is A Book For Our Time


Offers strategies for understanding and addressing current events.

  • Education
  • Politics
  • Social Issues


Provides effective tools for getting better results from self and others.

  • Self-Development
  • Parenting
  • Teaching
  • Leadership


Uses insights from Behavior Science and lessons from Real Life experiences.

  • Effectively used in homes, schools, work, and communities


Focuses on building more positive and successful style for living.

  • Nudge better and Boost better to Live better

What Readers Are Saying

Dr. Crow's passionate belief in the power of behavior analytic principles to improve humans' lot on this planet comes through on every page of this exciting, original work. He presents complex materials in an accessible manner and is very persuasive . . While Frazier may seem like an ambitious character, just consider how his operating principles are in place today - most strikingly in programs and apps that target health and fitness with computerized nudges and boosts. Very thought provoking book. D. J., Assistant Professor of Allied Health Professions (ret.), mother and grandmother
This is an exceptionally well-written and insightful book. Dr. Crow explains the foundation of learning and development through the lens of the science of human behavior. Through the semi-autobiographical story, Dr. Crow helps all of us understand how we became the individuals we are and how we have the power to change our future. Thank you, Dr. Crow! I'll be using this book in my behavior analysis class! Amazon Customer
Dr. Crow instructs us in scientifically proven methods of effecting positive change in the behavior of others. A worthwhile read! P.M., Author, Writers Alliance member, mother and grandmother
Dr. Crow does a great job of clarifying nudging as well as outlining the crucial role of boosting. ... an excellent job of taking complex behavioral concepts and making them both entertaining and understandable for the layperson . . really a great read. Oh, and Frasier rocks! R.D., Vice President & General Manager of a health management company
All my life I've needed nudges and boosts. We all do. Dr. Crow's book explains how I can use these more wisely and proactively ... and he writes well. D.L Jr., Coral Gables, Florida

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About the Author

Bob Crow, Ph.D.

After studying the experimental analysis of behavior in college, “Dr. Bob” used lessons from behavioral science and life to solve problems and build strengths in homes, schools, higher education, and communities for over 40 years. His focus was on increasing the quality of living for children, adults, and families. Over his career, he published in topics of basic behavioral principles, education effectiveness, leadership and management, and the design of supportive clinical, social, and work settings. He was honored for his leadership and community service by professional organizations and governments. He wrote this book to share powerful lessons from life and science so readers can use them to solve problems and improve living.

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